Day Brown


Day Brown

Day Brown has done many years of extensive research on ancient Aryan lifestyle’s in Europe; during the period of time when Aryans lived for thousands of years as yeoman small village farmers. His research includes reference to ancient Aryan herbal family planning practices, among many other issues, and iss documented at his group: PIE: Proto Indian European.

Day is the founder or associated with the Gnu Party which supports the restoration of the “Deme” from which we get “democracy. A Deme is a coop farm owned by the citizens who go out from time to time to help, where they grow the food the citizens want they way they want it grown.

Each citizen owns a share of the harvest, as we see now in community gardens. But these farms should be placed in gerrymandered districts and have housing for parents to get their kids out of drug infested neighborhoods. Of course, parents and others in the Deme should be registered to vote, which will destroy the political party control gerrymandering was setup to provide.

Both Socialism & Capitalism have been debunked. Pragmatism would begin with the original base of civilization, the agrarian village, to see what worked for our ancestors, who had only their own instinctive behavior patterns to go on.

Villages operated in local free markets, or the wider world if peace broke out, at the wholesale level, but case management was done by staffing that knew every individual; there were no cracks to fall thru. A return to the agrarian village model is an order of magnitude more efficient, like small business, than the nuclear family homestead.

“Make America Great Again”? None of the 4 presidential candidates offered a way, and while the notion of repairing infrastructure would create jobs, the first job is the civil engineering to decide what of that which was designed in the 20th or even 19th century, should not be scrapped instead.

The fuss over new pipelines misses the fact global fossil fuel consumption has peaked and is being over taken by solar, wind, batteries, and other new technologies. Empty malls are all over as more of us shop online.

The fastest growing census bureau demographic is the ‘X-urb’, as folks build homes in the woods and work online. They dont need more freeways, but better broadband. Radio & TV broadcasters struggle as more of us get our info online. The thing to do is cancel broadcasting licenses and turn that bandwidth into narrow band transceivers, vastly cheaper than running buried cable.

Policy makers are expert at selling partisan rhetoric, but not at all up on what policy we actually still need. They dont have a 21st century vision of what that is to make America great.
– GNU Party: 07 May 2017; 28 March 2017.

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