Day Brown: Proto-Indo-European

SQSwans: Day Brown: Proto-Indo-European

‘Natural Liberty’ has dozens of recipes for herbal abortion & birth control that work. Makes evolutionary sense. Plants that use poison to deter browsing grow slow because of the toxin. But producing a hormone that disrupts fertility dont do that.
European ecosystems have many; fennel & fenugreek have phytoestrogen & diosgenin, the active ingredients in the birth control pill. This allowed witches to organize ‘fertility rites’ to motivate men to cooperate, while at the same time control for the best sperm donation. The fundamental diff between Aryans and other cultures.
They found several herbs in the grave at Shanidar Iraq, among which is Cyannus Centaurea. There’s a reason its also known as “Bachelor Button”, and no doubt why Neandertals wanted it to time birthing for ice age summers.
Gimbutas noted the stable Aryan population, that a village founded in 8000 BC was still a village 4000BC. This also allowed them to sustainably farm the land. And live in peace. Nobody was ripping off others to feed the kids he sired.
At Varna, women lived into their mid 40s, a longevity not seen again until the late 19th century. But before anti-biotics, one in every 15 births killed the mother- including my own grandma. Not giving birth so often let women live longer, thereby able to develop the weaving skills Aryans were known for.
– Day Brown, Proto-Indo-European: 02 July 2017.