Jacob David George: Returns Medals to Chicago NATO Summit

* Global Story: Jacob George – Chicago NATO Summit.

Jacob David George Returns NATO Medals


Global Story: Jacob George – Chicago NATO Summit (03:14)


Army veteran Jacob George, reflecting on the war in Afghanistan as he prepares to return his medals to NATO leaders at the Chicago Summit. – 20 May 2012.

Jacob served his country during three tours in Afghanistan.

Once I started to draw a critical analysis on my actions and participation in war when I looked in the mirror I started to see a terrorist, because the things I participated in over there surely brought the farmers terror when we landed in their fields, crushing their crops.

I remember running off a helicopter and looking into a man’s eyes and terror was what was looking back at me. It was as if a devil had just stumbled into his life. I grew up as a farmer. If I had seen a helicopter land on my dad’s chicken house and people run off with guns, I probably would have picked up a gun and fought back.

And judging my actions and accepting that is really one of the things that liberated my soul. Being able to look in a mirror and say yes there is no difference between me and the terrorists that we are fighting.

Actually most of us are poor farmers killing poor farmers while people in our nations starve. So I think its really important for us to look at what terror really is. By definition I think it is the instance of intense fear or anxiety and our actions are surely an example of terrorism to people outside of our own borders when it comes to violence.

On September 11, I think we in this nation had the opportunity to change the world. Instead of reacting if we would have paused and asked ‘why’, and extended our arms instead of pointing our fingers, we could have changed how this world works. But we reacted in a very adolescent way and we caused more terror and unfortunately now many many more have died and suffered because of the terror that we have now caused.

It almost seems terror perpetuates terror and at some point we need to mature as a nation and stop this cycle.

Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows. – Martin Luther King Jnr.