Sebastian Ronin


Sebastian Ronin

Sebastian Ronin is the founder of the Renaissance Party of North America, renamed the National Synergist Party of North America; and the President of the Canadian branch.

Mr. Ronin was born in Vienna, raised in Toronto, and lived most of his adult life in Vancouver. As a widower, he now lives a Prepper lifestyle in rural Nova Scotia. He holds a B.A. Communications, Simon Fraser University. Mr. Ronin has been the driving force and is the President of the National Synergist Party of North America.

Mr. Ronin was involved with the Green Party in Canada in the 1980’s; ran for office under the Green Party on a soft Nationalist Plank. He broke ways with the Green party over the issues of decentralization and bioregionalism.

Mr. Ronin opposes the reactionary right. He was involved with the original North American New Right, and is working to build a movement where the radical right and radical left overlap. Mr Ronin thinks that the issue of race creates a barrier to the left and right working together.

Seb Ronin: Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis

He is the author of: Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis: Energy Devolution, Ethno Nationalism, and the Secessionist Fracturing of the Industrial Nation State: A Polemic.

ANSCHLUSS is a ground-breaking work that pulls into focus the inter-related political dependencies of North Amerikan Ethno Nationalists, Preppers, and Secessionists. The bold claim that all three rising demographics either succeed together against the onslaught of Globalization or fail individually leaves the reader with few comfort zones. Ronin has pointed at a door that few will open, let alone venture through. Underlying the several themes that run throughout this polemic is the argument that the Radical Right and the Radical Left have more in common than they do not. The last hurdle to bridge is that of race and ethnicity. The hypothetical bridge constructed with an Ecology of Race and Ethno Nationalism takes readers from both camps into the hybrid of a new ideological and political dimension. This is not a book for the ideologically faint-hearted nor for political reformists. It is a must read for all Ethno Nationalists, Preppers, and Secessionists who are prepared to do what they must do as opposed to what they would merely prefer to do. For better and for worse, ANSCHLUSS will go down as a game-changer at these most crucial of times as the Globalist boot begins to come down seriously and hard. This work will be a benchmark for many years to come.
– Amazon: Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis.

The Renaissance Party of North America’s platform of ethno-racial and/or cultural / religious secession and relocalization is based upon how Peak Oil will restructure society and how deindustrialization caused by Peak Oil will return the earth to a carrying capacity of 2 Billion people.