Day Brown: Proto Indian European

Day Brown has done many years of extensive research on ancient Aryan lifestyle’s in Europe; during the period of time when Aryans lived for thousands of years as yeoman small village farmers. His research is documented at his group: PIE: Proto Indian European:


The Nordic Timberframe “Longhouse” was sometimes 7 stories tall, and with a history that traces back 20,000+ years to those framed with mammoth bone & tusk along the Don river. Nobody on the planet packed people in like this; like living in a dancehall. There wasnt any timber on the tundra, so they cooked with mammoth dung, but it was body heat from over 100 in the building that kept them all from freezing; if they could, in such cramped quarters, just get along.

This has something to do with both Pinker, “The Blank Slate” and LeBlanc, “Constant Battles” finding *20* times the battle trauma on the bones in tropical hunter graveyards as in North European Yeoman farmer graves. Hodder, digging at Chatl Hoyuk, also notes the absence of bone fractures in the graves. It is most instructive to look at the teeth. Are all four upper central incisors still there? If so, its a Northern European skull; if missing, then its African… bashed out in brawls, and still seen in Nordic or African cities today.

Surprising given the history of European warfare. But a closer look shows a diff with other regions, where entire populations, like Jonah in Canaan, butchering everyone but the girls kept for sex slaves. Wars in Europe were aristocratic conflicts with the serfs seen as livestock, to serve new masters. When Trajan hauled the Jews to Rome, he only took the educated elite, leaving the ancestors of the Palestinians to serve new Roman masters.

This is detected in the Aryan diaspora of 4000 BC. there is no rubble of burnt cities or villages. It was all, somewhat systematically, abandoned. Vitelli, ‘The Celts’ notes the first Celtic Hill forts dont show up until 500 years later. Barford, ‘The Early Slavs’ suggest why noting how they started out in a pioneer homestead system of dispersal in the great forests, no more than one log cabin/sq km hidden away. In defacto quarantine. Any organized army on the move soon got exposed to contagion and wiped out. The natural aggression and violence of alpha males, so common everywhere else, got filtered out of the European gene pool.

Vitelli notes that even when hill forts of a warrior elite were built, they were usually abandoned after 200-300 years. Of course, they didnt know anything about hygiene, so cholera & dysentery limited their power- aiding the instinct for freedom and independence that still is with us. By the time Steppe tribes came West, the region had already been depopulated, so they didnt leave a trail of burnt rubble either. It was not a military conquest, but with more robust immune systems, new larger communities emerged and trade was re-established.

North of the Baltic, they were somewhat isolated; the Steppe people didnt have ships and the rigors of winter forced them to risk contagions, at the same time retaining Aryan traditions.
03 January 2017;


Another uniquely Aryan tradition is seen in the Vikings training women and equipping them with weapons to defend the Longhouse while they were gone. Other cultures routinely ban women from even touching weapons, but we can see how this creates equality. Another clue to cultural equalty is Tacitius reporting that even the women and slaves rose to speak at German tribal meetings.

Gimbutas reports the Aryan village was two or three of these Longhouses, and the tels, spaced out regularly on both banks of the Danube and other rivers, 3km apart. About as far, 1.5km as the field hands can hear shouts for help while working on the “back 40”. Gies, “Life in a Medieval Village” notes that hearing a scream, everyone comes running. There were no private spaces in which pedophiles could follow desires. Longhouses had long series of rooms down both sides of a center aisle. Like living in a college dorm. There are no Aryan palaces. No harems; they didnt even have marriage, just as the Musou still today. Among whom, rape & murder are so rare they dont have words for it. Men who do not own women, do not fight over them, much less join war parties to go out to kidnap women for harems.

All of this arises out of living without privacy, and without rules about who can have sex with who. Village women were notoriously wanton, but given the need for genetic diversity, makes sense in the 150-300 people our DNA says our ancestors evolved in. If they did not speak “Aryan” 6000 years ago, I’d like to see what else is suggested.
23 January 2017.


Aryan is the syncretization of several different cultures of different eras. But the earliest is the Mammoth hunters; in contrast to the wandering of all other hunting tribes, they built fixed base mammoth bone & tusk “Longhouses”. Then, after the megafauna disappeared, they switched to using timber frame, retaining the same dimensions, 5 meter wide, 20, 30 or more long.

Some tropical tribes also built long houses, but these were open frame to let damp air circulate. But Europe has nasty winters. The bigger the manor hall, the less surface/person is exposed to the cold, the warmer it is inside. Like a dance hall, body heat kept the place comfy. In Scandinavia these were enormous, 7 stories tall 20 or 30 meter wide, and like a hornet’s nest, you dont fuck with it cause you have no idea how many will come swarming out of it. We read the Vikings trained women to use weapons (“Shield maiden”), to defend the home while they were out viking. Nobody else was training women as warriors either.

So, of all the oppressed women in the Mid East, we are not surprised to see the Yazidi girls take up Kalashnikov; they have Aryan ancestry- which we see in their fair coloring. This dorm life affected the men also. We all know “Take it outside” means no physical violence inside. Semites dont get it, which is why Exodus 21 mentions a woman accidentally injured by men fighting who then “Loses her fruit”. Aryan men without the self control to avoid abusing women & kids were kicked out of the manor hall, out of the gene pool. The same thing goes on in dance halls to this day. “Take it outside”. They do so without even being told. Thelma & Louise took it outside. The few extra seconds it took to do that let the blood cool and lowered the violence rate.

Thus, Pinker ‘The Blank Slate’, and LeBlanc ‘Constant Battles’, note the tropical hunter graveyards show *20 times* the rate of trauma on the bones as seen in European yeoman farmer graveyards.

Of course, if you are gonna pack them in for the winter months, then you’d expect contagions to get out of hand, and its those with the most competent witches and herbalists that stay in the gene pool- and the witches got enuf to deal with without having physical trauma to boot. Moreover, they had what we now call ‘biological weapons’. Being the biggest baddest warrior makes good movies, but he’s one reason the Latin word for ‘witch’ means ‘poisoner’.

Intentional or not, disease often wiped out warrior elites and this produced another Aryan trait: equal rights for those with the strongest immune systems, not the strongest right arms. Occupation & wealth didnt matter. There is no caste system; all work is honored.

But another strategy, seen in Gies ‘Life in a Medieval Village’, was population dispersal in small gene pools of 150-300 with each village self sufficient enuf to go into self quarantine. There is a well known case of a village that saw they had been exposed to bubonic plague by a shipment of blankets from London. All over the world at that time, we know the response. Everyone would flee the village… and thereby spread the pandemic. These folks chose quarantine, knowing it’d kill many, but that it’d save the lives of all the other villages.

All the other villages chipped in also leaving supplies to keep them going and taking only the coins left in bowls of vinegar. There’s a reason Aryans were known as noble. And peaceful. And honest.

What i’ve posted is that with European birth control herbs (monogamy was impossible in the Longhouse) witches were able to dose the girls to control fertility, and thus who sperm donors were. At some point they realized its easier to read pale faces; you cant fake a blush, nuance of meaning is more clear, and its easier to see if the facial expression does not quite match the words.

They chose to breed pale faces to get men who could not lie to them. Taking a couple thousand years to figure out which herbs to use when on who, then figuring out which men to breed, and filtering out the rest in “non-fertility” rites, is expected.


Ric, the question is complicated in large part because of the de facto eugenics program run by witches & midwives, in contrast to the policy of the warrior elite rewarding themselves and their mightiest soldiers with the most pussy.

It dates back to Neandertal hybridization also; the Neandertal pelvis does not as easily birth the larger skulls of neonates. Ever since the hybrid- maternal death rate birthing has been far higher in Europe. Elsewhere we see folk tales of women who squatted to give birth and then went back to whatever they were doing. As a result, soon as midwives saw the utility of birth control herbs, they chose sperm donors who sired smaller infants. Nobody else on the planet did this. In contrast, we see how wide African hips are.

Dr. Paul Ekman started out studying monkey facial expressions, aware they cant lie, so the response to fear, surprise, joy, or whatever could be carefully itemized facial muscle movement. Examining the faces of people telling lies shows the full set is lacking; liars learn just enuf facial control to get by. There are other muscle movements, like with monkeys, that are autonomic; ie, they cannot be controlled. sells a CD to show you the diff. Witches and grandmothers picked up on it, also part of our hominid evolution, where the females need to read the face of the alpha male to know when he’ll strike out, and get the fuck out of his way. He dont have the problem, never cared what their faces told.

So- again, the witches and midwives breed the men whose faces they can read, which is easier if the face is pale. So, what did that do to the usual expectation of genetic displacement or assimilation?

Thus, the criteria of which men will remain in the gene pool is so different, that just because we see more of a given haplotype does not mean a massive invasion.
15 December 2015.


Both LeBlanc, “Constant Battles” and Pinker, “The Blank Slate” report the tropical hunter graveyards have 20 times the rate of trauma seen on the bones as North European Yeoman farmer.

Sounds like Lake Wobegon. I was born on a farm not far away, and if you look in the graveyard of my grandfather you’d see the same thing. You can see how the people Norman Rockwell painted would be able to live in peace with each other. And all of us, in Europe or America, can trace our DNA back to the Aryans.

Belyaev could breed a non-aggressive fox in just 12 generations; why would we think if that’s what the community authority wanted rather than men to man goon squads, they could not get it?
26 August 2015.


The salient diff between Aryans and everyone else is the mammoth bone longhouse of their ancestry. While everyone else was chronically at war and ruled by warrior elites, the mammoth hunter longhouses, 100 miles apart along the Don, found Old Man Winter the only real enemy.

They didnt need warriors. They had Ice Age Tundra territory vaster than anyone could manage. The frozen river was a flat ice age road to drag home tons of meat and you would not get lost on it. They needed men who could handle cabin fever for the five months of an ice age winter. With 120-150 people packed into the longhouse, body heat kept it warm just like a dance hall. But women and kids were at risk from any blow that missed its intended target.

Primate video gives us the term “alpha male” to refer to those who inflict all the serious damage. DNA shows alphas sire alpha sons. They see the beta males place themselves between the alpha and the vulnerable young & females for alphas are impulsively aggressive.

With the invention of the bronze axe, couples could homestead in the vast European forests. But if an alpha does not have a beta for his impulse, why then the wife and kids’ll do. Hence the peace of yeoman farmers who are all betas.
17 June 2015.


In contrast to the idea of violent cave men, the remains of Neandertal dont show the bashed in teeth, crushed skulls, or parry fractures of battle, but look more like rodeo bull riders with leg & pelvis fractures.

Successful Aryan conquest, as Clausewitz ‘On War’ tells us, rests on the clerks making sure the wagons have enuf hay for the horses to be the first with the most. This putting up of supplies for a campaign traces back to stocking the permafrost larder. Storing tubers in a root cellar plugs into the same behavior pattern.

After the megafauna went away, people went down scale- horse, deer, boar, cow, goat/sheep. And since they could not keep meat in a freezer any more began trying to keep it on the hoof. If the hoof migrated 1000 mi every spring & fall, they’d follow- but do so with the awareness of a need to manage a resource, not kill it off, like they did horses. People in the Levant and Sahara already had this worked out, but the weather was too drought prone so long term planning didnt work so well.

Europe had nomadic tribes too, still has the Saami & Gypsy, but Aryans who’d moved to the shores of Lake Tuz in Anatolia found the migration for their cows, sheep, & goats was just 50km to high summer pastures. They would leave the vulnerable- elders, women, and kids in the pueblo. There was less conflict with shorter range stock movement. By 10,000 BP stock breeding spread into the Balkans and by 8000 Transylvanians, each move into an area with more reliable rainfall and ever bigger timber. Anatolian adobe was abandoned, but not the pottery technology or style.
28 June 2015.


When the Mongols came, they butchered everyone cause they wanted grassland without inhabitants. When Tamerlane rose to power and conquered, he had the same idea; he too was raised on the Steppes. He was known for building the biggest pyramids ever- of skulls outside of empty cities.

So- the only men still in the gene pool in the Mid East are the descendants of warriors. Who still look for any excuse for violence. When Tamerlane wanted to build his new capitol Samarkand, he hadda import the craftsmen cause his goon squads had killed them all.

Aware of his conquests, far greater than Alexander’s, Europeans were terrified, but it turns out he thot Constantinople was not a rich enuf target zone to bother with. He had his eye on China; he’d already taken India. But luckily for China, died on the way there.

But the other lesson is that while warriors are great for conquering an empire, you need clerks to run it, and the whole thing crashed after he died but for a part one son used to build the Mogul empire in India.

One of the reasons this didnt happen in Europe was that cavalry like the Mongols and Tamerlane had, were subject to ambush trying to go thru the vast forests. It was easy for people to leave and hide out also. Nobody had the idea of a vast open range. Roman General Varus was neither the first, nor the last, to walk into the forest and never come out, and you see the fear in lots of Aryan narratives about heroes mustering the courage to enter. Nor was “Robin Hood” the only gang in the business.

The upshot was European warrior elites never had as much control as in Persia, and learned as well, that if they didnt respect the rights of the sword maker or armor smith, they went to serve enemies. Same deal with the Masons, of which there is no equivalent in Islam, who if you pissed off, you didnt get more castles built and went out of the king business.

Zeus was not a tyrant god like Jehovah, Jesus, or Allah, but more like a town mayor with other powers around he had to respect. This hindered a figure like Tamerlane from ever consolidating enuf power to build an empire. The notion of “state’s rights” goes way back in Aryan history, and the sense of national identity- Greek, Italian, German, Spanish, etc is far more important, whereas in the Levant, its Kurd, Pastune, or some other tribe scattered across terrain with little common agreement on what the borders are.

Ever since the Assyrians were moving tribes around to break the bond with the land. Nobody tried to do that with Germans, Danes, Dutch…. Bad as Aryan warrior elites were, they werent into genocide; there’s no figure like Joshua clearing the land of Canaan for a chosen people. The peasants were seen as livestock the same as the horses, and it was their work horses that became the biggest war horses anyone’d ever seen. This respect for individual rights produced innovation which in turn produced a global empire, but not under the leadership of any great conqueror. Its just clerks & lawyers getting things organized.
25 Nov 2013.


Just for fun, look up a photo of Stalin and the commissars on the Kremlin watching a parade. He’s the one who is not wearing a black fur hat. It was a big deal. A Soviet geneticist, Belyaev, was sent to a black fox farm in Siberia in a purge. Thing is, Black fox are ornery, always tearing holes in each other’s hides. He thot he mite get back in their graces if he could breed a docile Black Fox that’d also be easier for staff to handle. He succeeded in just 12 generations breeding only the most tame.

You may find the video online. The playful kits are just like puppies, just darling. There’s only one problem. The pelts are not all black any more. You can find a report on wiki, but they edited, and now call them “Silver Fox”.

We read white skin is a rather recent mutation. But since Aryans didnt have marriage, the witches were able to select only the most manageable men for breeding. Of course, some monsters wear white skin, but we know genetics always has throwbacks. Aryan military success never needed the same number of violent warriors when there were so many peaceful, productive, and innovative men crafting improvements in armor, weapons, and tactics. Clausewitz, for one, notably gets into what we now call ‘logistics’ as critical for success. Like beta clerks counting the hay wagons to make sure there was enuf for the horses hauling canon.
31 Oct 2014.


We love the smell of new mown hay. We even enjoy mowing the lawn and then looking back with the same eye on the mown field. We dont eat hay, but it was the gas for the original horsepower, and anything that aids in stocking up gratifies Aryan instincts. Much of what Clausewitz had to say “On War” has to do with making sure the horses had the hay to haul the canons, which allowed Frederich the Great to be the firstest with the mostest time and again. The Junkers were originally all yeoman farmers and knew how to make damn sure there was enuf hay. Aryan political leaders once proved their competence in the field with a Scythe, as if he could harvest enemies just like Death.

Men with Scythes organized lines, 6ft from each man to the next, to sweep across a field cutting it all at the same time, scythes swinging in unison like a huge machine to get it all cut, dried, raked, and stacked before the next rain. If you could not get it all done, it was better to let it wait til after the rain. This same instinct to organize was used with swords & shields, and the Greeks all got how it mowed down Persians like a weed eater.

But you needed men who instinctively liked, and knew, how to make teamwork get the job done; when the hay was ready, they were all in the field doing the work themselves. Among the Semites, slaves did the field work. The most competent men studied scripture. And on the battlefield, the slaves ran like rabbits because they had nothing to loose but their lives, whereas at Thermopylae, they knew they were buying time for families and kinsmen to protect freedom and rights to the land.

Still today, military recruiters will be pouring into family farm country hoping to sign up the new high school grads- whose graduation rates are often 90%+, cause those raised working the land, know how to work. National Security would be greatly improved if they subsidized family farms raising the one crop agribusiness does not: strong healthy personnel.
18 March 2016.


It was just dumb luck that Anatolian farmers show up as the water level receded and stabilized and there was delta top soil 5-10meters thick where grain roots could always reach water whether it rained or not. The hotter a drought got, the faster the remaining glaciers kept the rivers up.

Further, deep in paleolithic racial memory was when the mammoth were wiped out. All the Aryan myth about gigantic monsters makes sense when you consider all the mammoth bones and ivory still strewn across the landscape. Not that different from what they find today in Siberia as the ice melts back. But that extinction discredited the hunting tribe leadership, which was, of course, all men. The recent find of a shaman wearing the mask of a Lion- dated way earlier, 30kya. After agriculture, there are no more male figures in postures of authority. Those are all female.

Mammoth hunter middens show they ate lotsa plants also, which provided critical trace elements, but there’s not a lotta carbs; when the Mammoth were gone, they were out of business, and the women took over. which is what we see at Chatal Hoyuk, where the earliest art is of male hunters & game, but that all disappears as einkorn becomes wheat. The middens there show goats/sheep, swine, & rabbits. Hodder notes the absence of beef even tho he’s showed us the cattle heads in the sanctuary. Nobody picks up on them being cows, not bulls, but if you just invented the Dairy business…. he also shows us the last male stick fugures, this time with oxen & plows. And a very different attitude twards heavy meaty animals.

Maternal nurturance took over from patriarchic exploitation to produce the most dynamic culture the world ever saw.
06 March 2015.